“Fencing —  I have always fancied that”

This is the standard answer you get when you mention you are a fencer.

“So what is holding you back?”, you respond.

“I am too old to start”
No you are not.After all, “Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill“. Fencing is a sport where a sense of tactics is as important as fitness and speed. This is something that develops with age. If you are of a certain age, and don’t fancy competing with the youngsters then you can always join the National Veterans Association.
“I have been told I am too young”
This might be true. Local authority and child protection rules mean that we can’t take children on until they are eight. Child protection is something we take seriously, all our coaches have been vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau.
“I am not fit enough”
All the more reason to start. Fencing is a great exercise for the whole body. If you need a cardio-vascular work out or something to ease away the toxins and stresses of a day in the office then this is the sport for you.
“I suppose it needs a lot of coordination? I am not very good at that”
Some people have the knack of being able to simultaneously hop, pat their head with one hand while making circles on their stomach with the other, most people don’t. Everybody has difficulties with coordination at the beginning, however our coaches are extremely good and helping you to develop the coordination necessary to fence well.
“I don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment and find I don’t like it”
You don’t have to. We provide all the equipment you require to start with, all you need is a T-shirt, jogger bottoms and trainers.If you stick with us then we will advise you on what kit to buy and when.
“It must hurt, I mean being hit with a three foot piece of steel”
Well,actually it doesn’t. Most of the impetus is taken out by the flex of the blade, the impact is like being tapped on the shoulder. Injuries do occur, but these are mainly the result of not warming up and stretching properly. Fencing is a safer sport than golf!

“OK, you have convinced me, what do I do next?”

Have a look at coming to one of our intensive beginners sessions, this will help you to decide whether the sport is for you.