Fencing is an extremely safe sport, the insurance rates for fencers are lower than those for golf or indoor bowls. To ensure safety a specific set of kit needs to be worn, this is made to European safety standards. The clothing is normally made of a tough man made fibre. For top level competitions Kevlar is used to reinforce the jacket, plastron and breeches.

We provide the majority of the kit for beginners. As they become interested in the sport people gradually purchase their own kit. This consists of

  1. An under-arm protector (plastron) which goes underneath the jacket and provides double protection on the sword arm side and upper arm.
  2. A form-fitting jacket, covering groin and with strap which goes between the legs
  3. A glove, with a gauntlet that prevents swords going up the sleeve and causing injury, as well as protecting the hand and providing a good grip
  4. Breeches which cover the legs to just below the knee.
  5. A mask, including a bib which protects the neck
  6. Knee-length socks, which cover the rest of the leg.

Women should also wear plastic chest protectors.

For electric fencing a body wire is necessary. In addition a metal jacket (lamé) is used in foil and sabre to define the target area.

How much does this cost?

A beginner’s fencing kit (under-jacket, jacket, glove, weapon, mask) will cost about £180. Because club kit can be used initially, this can be purchased in stages.