Many people who are reluctant to take part in team games enjoy the individuality of fencing. Success in competition will be due solely to their own efforts: matching their own skill, speed and intellect against those of an opponent; female competing equally with male..

Regular fencing training provides an interesting aid to improved coordination and general fitness suitable for people of all ages. Fencing is an all-year-round activity: ideal for the wet, cold days of winter when outdoor sports are not so popular.

Fencing provides all the benefits of aerobic exercise (improved health, good weight control, positive effect on breathing, blood supply, muscles, and bones). It also provides the mental stimulation that some find lacking in pure gym exercises.

Fencing can be a life long sport. It can be started by children from the age of 8 and carried on as long as one wishes. There are certainly people who are still fencing in their 70’s, and there is an active veterans association to support them. For those who find that they can no longer practice the sport of their youth at the level they would wish fencing is a great sport to take up.